December 2017 The American Society of Media Photographers, New York, (ASMPNY) has selected an image sourced from Paul’s assignment for Caltex Australia, for inclusion in the annual publication of top images for 2017.
June 2015 Caltex Australia has acquired 100 images of the Caltex Kurnell Refinery, featuring a selection of black and white and colour photographs captured prior to the demolition. A selection from these images will be exhibited at NSW State Parliament House and Paul will present to NSW Parliamentarians on how the shoot was conducted. He will also compare his approach and style compared to that of Max Dupain, the latter having been assigned to photograph the construction of the refinery in the 1950’s.
September 2011 The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has selected Paul’s Mercedes-Benz assignment for the Best of 2011 selection.
December 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sydney has acquired 32 photographs from the Emerald City collection featuring iconic Sydney architecture together with vignettes of significant Sydney locales. These photographs will be on permanent display within the Mercedes-Benz Alexandria showrooms for public viewing.
March 2009 ABC Radio National Artworks interview
February 2008 Sony World Photography Awards. Selected for the short list of commended professional photographers
June 2006 The late Joern Utzon, architect, acquired a print of theSydney Opera House under full moon at his Copenhagen address.

A print of this image signed by the late Joern Utzon has been presented to the photographer.
February 2003 Sydney Morning Herald – “It’s only rock and roll, but we like what’s left of them” – Paul Anthony Sleeman on interviewing the Rolling Stones in 1966 Article by Richard Jinman
June 2000 Original website site launched –
February 1966 Back where it all began…
It’s February 1966,  attending university but ‘moonlighting’ for a couple of rock magazines,  interviewing touring rock groups.  Photographer, Andrew Strauss,  suggests we catch The Rolling Stones soon arriving in town for their first solo tour.  We need press passes to slip by security into the airport Press Room so we have a friendly printer dummy them up.  A big uniformed police sergeant on the Press Room door looks us over,  glances at our dodgy press passes,  with a wry smile shrugs us in.  
I worm my way to the front of the pack,  interview a stone cold Charlie Watts,  quickly move on to Mick the mouth,  a self-absorbed Brian,  a composed Bill Wyman and a blissed-out Keef.  Then I reach the most interesting of them all,  Andrew Loog Oldham,  manager.  Fifty years on we still communicate.  Then, photographer Andrew slings me his Nikon F.  He wants a roll shot of him with the Stones.
The dynamite has been passed and the fuse is lit……

  • Paul Interviewing the Rolling Stones, 1966
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